Property Exiting Instructions

It is important that you follow these instructions when exiting.

  • Exit Time is 10:00 am unless otherwise agreed in advance. It is important that we have an empty property to prepare for our next guests.
  • Rubbish: Remove all rubbish and recycling from the property and put it in the allocated bins out front. If there is excess rubbish please notify us before leaving so they can arrange for this to be taken away.
  • Linen: Please leave beds that have been used unmade & place all used towels in the bathtub or shower.
  • Dishes: Clean all dishes, pots and pans properly and return to cupboards.
  • Appliances: Please clean excessive dirt from oven and other appliances. An extra cleaning fee of $50 per hour will be taken from your bond otherwise.
  • Electricity: Turn off all lights, air conditioning and heating.
  • Keys: Keys are required to be left inside on the kitchen bench after your stay.  Note: When exiting it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is fully locked and secure, including garage and rear doors.
  • Leaving The Property: When you are leaving please be cautious that moving your luggage does not damage the property.
  • Accidental Damage: If anything has been broken or damaged please notify our managers so we can properly manage the replacement or repair.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: If there are any repairs, or maintenance that requires our attention, please contact us or advise on your departure, so that we can tend to this prior to the next guests arriving.
  • One last walk through: Please take a moment to double or triple check that nothing is left behind, as returning valuables will be at your cost!
  • Rule of Thumb: Please try to leave the property in the same condition (or better) than it was when you arrived.
  • Have a Safe Trip: We hope that you have had a delightful stay and we welcome any feedback.